Morgan Velarde
UX Designer

Bill is a treasure trove of knowledge! He was an excellent mentor who shared his expertise in the entire process of UX design, from concept to execution. Under his leadership, we were able to successfully strategize, roadmap, and deliver designs for the Membership program at Edmunds. He also led efforts for other innovative products for the company. 

Bill knew how to give constructive feedback in a way that was patient, positive, encouraging, and conducive to the growth of our team. He demonstrated the ability to effectively communicate his design decisions with stakeholders, always placing the users needs first. Additionally, Bill was a great joy to work with and I know he would be a great asset to any team!

Ben Marland
Product Management at

I've had the privilege of working with Bill from the product perspective and he's just awesome! Somehow he has great reserves of patience for our ever-changing projects while still managing to deliver quickly. Bill brings a great wealth of experience to his work with a knack for focusing on just the right work to solve the problem at hand. He follows-through to test ideas and make sure they actually solve the targeted problem. He is also very good at balancing a number of projects with different (and sometimes conflicting) priorities while maintaining our vision and strategy. I like Bill's customer focus and willingness to collaborate with the whole team. He is great to be around and I would welcome the opportunity to work with him on any project.

Limzer Lagrimas
Senior Designer at

Bill is one of the most dedicated professionals out there who is constantly improving his craft. His design skill set is top notch and I've personally learned a great deal from him regarding his UX talents. He is a great problem solver as designers have come to be in a product environment. His recommendations and thought process throughout the whole design process have been key to successfully launching key products. I personally love being on a team with Bill because greatness is always achieved!

James Pikover
Product Manager at MobileCause

Bill is an all-encompassing UX designer. He takes the big picture and makes exactly what users need to get from where they start to where you want them to end up. Very senior, personable, and it was a great experience working with someone not only so knowledgable, but also so willing to learn something new.

Nathaniel Victor
CEO & Founder of Sonic Electronix, Inc.

Bill is a creative designer with a great eye for colors, layout and presentation. I enjoyed working with him throughout his time at Sonic Electronix and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for insight related to website design, user experience and any other high-level matter related to a brand, layout and general marketing material. He brought many things to Sonic Electronix, including our new logo design, first-ever brand style guide and many new page layouts on our site.

Seth Wilde
eCommerce Product Manager & Digital Marketer at Sonic

Bill is an extremely talented and professional designer. I had the opportunity to work with Bill on numerous projects at Sonic Electronix including website UX/UI design, market research, company re-branding, print design, and much more. He is very detail oriented and process driven to ensure projects are completed properly and to a professional standard. He is also a great art director, manager, and teacher to junior designers.

I have an incredible amount of respect for Bill as a person and as a professional. Any company looking for a designer, UX/UI expert, or creative director, I can sincerely give my full support and recommendation for Bill.